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The global market is an unsettled chameleon of sorts. We aim to keep you informed.

We are a Malaysian based company, that specializes in supply chain and logistics. Although our business focus is primarily based on Malaysia, we have a vested interest in our global economic climate. Each day, we keep our clients updated, in order for them to maintain a competitive edge. That is the intention of Analyze This, it is not a Newsletter or blog, just great, informative content.  We will creatively keep you informed, and up-to-date, on changes in the global market.

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The Strength Of the Supply Chain

Originally published on LinkedIn Supply chains have shown to be resilient, not too risky. As a supply chain enthusiast I cringe when I...

We got Published!

We are happy to share that, our article written by founder Jeroen Hendriks, on risk management in supply chain, got published in the May...

Quick Quotes Worth Remembering

“[Anyone] who believes that the game is over with globalization doesn't understand what drives consumers or what drives business...

Read Worthy: Ride Share Services

I came across an article originally published in the Wall Street Journal that spoke volumes about ride share services. As a person who...

Article Share - US-CN Trade Deal

We came across a very interesting article showing the failing and hypocrisy of the US-CN trade deal. This piece was originally published...

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