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Art Of Supply Chain has a proven track record of successfully solving each of our client’s issues, by providing a comprehensive approach backed by our team of experienced professionals. Our process fosters collaboration and innovation to ensure we not only understand the core needs of clients but also help them develop successfully. Read our success stories below.


We work with a variety of businesses that present an array of organizational or project issues, that deserve our analytical eye and expertise. This client is an Ecommerce company who was looking at cross-country deliveries with above market requirements.

The problem they presented was the need to streamline their customs procedure in order to offer the fastest delivery possible while taking advantage of lower cross border logistical operations cost.  For an E-commerce company, the faster the better,  the cheaper the better, so it was critical to solve this to stay competitive.

After taking a closer look at their  processes, our analyst indicated that by simply preparing customs documents, through an automated system which was fully integrated across departments, it provided them with the ability to prepare complete customs documentation sets, including export permits, before the truck was even finished loading. This could reduce their delivery times by speeding up the shipping process.

By implementing the fully automated document preparation system, this company could simultaneously, fill orders and deliver customs documents. This makes shipping quick and efficient, allowing them to gain a competitive edge and provide the option to offer same-day delivery.

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Our focus is to find workable solutions that improve efficiency, reduce cost, and ultimately, improve the chances for a successfully run organization. This cold chain client focused, successfully, on sales growth and was now looking for assistance to review their supporting supply chain.

We first took the time to understand our client and their company. This was a small, and a relatively new company, whose goods had a relatively short shelf life and needed to be kept in cold storage. They were operating with a small staff and dove-tailed operational procedures.

On assessment, we took a look at their operation using a full Supply Chain Review, a Risk Analysis, and Quality Review. These identified some key areas within their operational processes.

We realized that the monitoring and control of their goods could be improved. Our risk analysis found there were opportunities for theft and waste to occur without timely notification or sufficient deterrent. 

Wastage was found in the area of asset utilization. The delivery truck was used for both replenishment and cash collection runs. At first sight a logical combination, but when looked at in detail two very different processes.

When we completed our review, our advice was to make improvements to the administration of the incoming flow of goods, storage of goods and the outgoing flow goods. This in turn would enable the company to prepare monthly reconciliations, to properly monitor stocks and operations.

We also advised to do cash collection trips separately with passenger car instead of a delivery truck, thereby increasing number of cash collection points per trip, reducing cost of fuel and toll, and reducing risk of product waste.

This client came in with a problem that was not readily identifiable, but upon analysis, has now received the tools they needed to fix the problem and continue to maintain their operation, successfully.

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