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Read Worthy: Ride Share Services

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

I came across an article originally published in the Wall Street Journal that spoke volumes about ride share services. As a person who has had my share of experiences with these companies, I just had to share (article link below) and add my little opinion.

Companies like Uber, Grab and Lyft don’t reduce traffic. They reduce parking spaces.

In essence you even increase the number of cars on the road, namely empty cars in between passengers.

What would work, but does not materialize, is ride sharing. Multiple people in one car with a professional driver or someone who is going home after work and picks up a passenger going the same way (I’ve actually encountered this).

In reality they are high tech taxi companies. And it will be sooner or later they will be handled like such.

The added value of these companies is not as idealistic as changing society, it’s improving taxi-like transport using technology. High tech, but still just a taxi company.

Read the original article here.


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