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The Strength Of the Supply Chain

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Supply chains have shown to be resilient, not too risky.

As a supply chain enthusiast I cringe when I hear that COVID-19 has shown how complex and risky supply chains are these days. Were supermarkets full of food? Were your online purchases delivered? Did your lights switch on and off?

The resilience of today's supply chain made that happen. The understanding of risks taken made that happen.

Yes, production was hampered and on occasion had to stop due to small parts, but I have not heard of any example

where supply chain failed and until this day production could not return. So an unprecedented time....a time where every company, government and consumer was affected to a large degree, all over the chain professionals made things work. Please take a minute and realize that supply chains are so mature, experienced and well managed that after being hit by cargo train moving at full speed, they still delivered with only a slight delay. Don't downgrade supply chains and the people that make them happen, applaud them.


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