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Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo 2022

Date : 19th Mar 2022

Researcher : Esther Low

Location: : The Mines Convention Centre, Selangor, Malaysia

Last weekend I attended the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo held at Mines International Convention Centre. The expo was very informative and insightful and has given me a different perspective of heavy vehicles and the industry that supports such vehicles. Stepping into the expo I am greeted by large trucks from Man, Scania, CIMC, Volvo and Yonming.

Taking the time to listen to salesmen and industry experts I got to learn more about the different types of trucks and their usage, engine capacity of different trucks and how it relates to the amount of load content it can carry, what considerations were put in designing the truck cabin to maximize the comfort of the driver, and what kind of safety or security technology is fitted into trucks.

For example, truck drivers were often given a route and told to deliver/collect the goods at the location at a specific time and some of these trips were done several times in one day. While long distance truck drivers would often be driving for more than 12 hours a day leading to fatigue and subsequently higher risks of accidents. This has encouraged commercial vehicle manufacturers to place emphasis on comfort in the truck cabin, as some truck cabins were large and spacious enough to fit a single bed in the backseat that allows drivers to rest.

The expo also had exhibitors that provided goods for every single part of the truck such as fire protection solutions, spare parts, braking systems, vehicle lubricants and filters, and GPS tracking system to track locations of trucks. It was very interesting as well to see other exhibitors showcasing their machineries/innovation that improves the efficiency or performance of these vehicles or the people that operate these vehicles. For example, I did not know that pneumatic rollerbed could be used in trucks as well and how helpful it was in the loading of goods. Not only does it reduce the damage on goods when loading it increase the efficiency of loading and unloading without the use of forklifts.

In short attending the expo gave me a better clarity of what goes on the ground when it comes to supply chain and logistics. It was a valuable experience to me and I look forward to attending the next Commercial Vehicle Expo.

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