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Fuel Price Report – May 2021

Period : Jan 2021 – April 2021

Date : 18th May 2021

Researcher : Umar Rosli

Brent Future and WTI Crude Fuel Price 2021

WTI Crude and Brent Future in 2021 shows significant increase with 39.6% and 36.4% respectively. Early of January 2021, the price per barrel of Brent Future price is $51.09 and WTI Crude price is $47.62. As of 18th May 2021, Brent Future recorded the price is $69.67 while WTI Crude price is $66.47. The latest price for both fuel price is also the maximum price achieved this year.

Malaysian Fuel Price 2021

RON95 and Diesel price remain constant from February 2021 because the government subsidized both fuel price. Meanwhile, the price of RON97 increasing until present by 21.5%.

Brent Future and RON97 Weekly Price Index 2021

Price Index according to Price as at 4th Jan 2019

Brent Future and RON97 follow similar trend in 2021, whereby as Brent Future index increasing, RON97 index also increases. Both fuel index increases from around 0.9 to 1.22 for Brent Future and 1.05 for RON97.

Brent Future and Diesel Weekly Price Index 2021

Price Index according to Price as at 4th Jan 2019

RON95 index price increase and remains constant in week 7 2021 while Brent Future index price increase gradually. This graph indicates on how many Malaysian government subsidized Diesel price since February 2021 as the Brent Future price increase.

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