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Fuel Price Report - April 2021

Period : Jan 2020 – April 2021

Date : 17th Apr 2021

Researcher : Umar Rosli

Brent Future and WTI Crude Fuel Price (2020-Present)

WTI Crude and Brent Future are decreasing slightly following each other beginning from January 2020 until April 2020. WTI Crude price decreasing by 69.28% and Brent by 61.8%.

Starting at the end of April 2020 onwards, WTI Crude and Brent Future showing significant increase where Brent Future price increases three times and WTI Crude price increase 2.5 times. Overall, both fuel prices are back on the track, where current fuel prices same as the fuel price on January 2020.

Covid19 pandemic gives huge problem to supply and demand of fuel around the world and affecting the fuel price and the industry itself. Fuel price took almost a year to recover from May 2020 until now.

Malaysian Fuel Price (2020-Present)

All the Malaysia fuel prices follow the trends closely to each other. Early of January 2020 shows that RON97 price drops lightly. On March until end of May 2020, all Malaysia fuel prices drop significantly. On 11th April 2020, RON95 is the lowest Malaysia fuel price, which is RM1.25 per liter with huge decrease 24.3% of the price since January 2020. Malaysia fuel prices start to recover from June 2020 until present, where the prices increase in the range of 32% to 42%. In the mid of February 2021 onwards, RON95 and Diesel have constant prices because Malaysian government subsidies RON95 and Diesel while RON97 price continue to increase.

Monthly Average Price for Malaysian Fuel

On this graph, the monthly average price for Malaysia fuel also following trend of the graph above. The Malaysia fuel price dropped significantly from January until April 2020 but started to increase slightly from June 2020 until present.

Brent Future X Malaysia Fuel Price Index

Price Index according to Price as at 4th Jan 2019

This graph illustrates to compare the index price of Brent Future, RON95 and Diesel prices. On March 2020, when Brent Future price drops, RON95 and Diesel prices also decreasing. On May 2020 onwards, as Brent Future price increasing smoothly, RON95 and Diesel prices are also increasing. However, Malaysia government subsidizing RON95 and Diesel as RON97 still increasing based on Brent Future prices increase. This should be discussed on how much Malaysia government spending on subsidizing the fuel price.

Monthly Price Index for WTI Crude X Malaysian Fuel

Price Index according to Price as at 4th Jan 2019

This graph visualizes the monthly average price index from the above fuels. This graph shows following trends of all fuel price, as Brent Future index goes down, then RO95 and Diesel also decreasing as well. The fuel index drops from January until April 2020, then increasing from May 2020 onwards.

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