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Currency Exchange Report – May 2021

Period : Jan 2021 – May 2021

Date : 18th May 2021

Researcher : Umar Rosli

USD/MYR Exchange Rates 2021

USD/MYR for 2021 shows positive trend. Early of 2021 shows USD/MYR price starts at RM4.02. 18th May 2021 shows USD/MYR price at RM4.13, thus USD/MYR increase 2.7 percent. USD/MYR have achieved maximum price of RM4.15 on 31st March 2021.

CNY/MYR Exchange Rates 2021

CNY/MYR exchange rate shows gradually positive trend throughout 2021. Early of January 2021, CNY/MYR recorded RM0.62 until 18th May 2021 where the price is RM0.64, which is the maximum rate achieved this year. CNY/MYR rate increases by 3.2%.

EUR/MYR Exchange Rates 2021

EUR/MYR undergo fluctuate trend since January 2021 until April 2021. In early of April, the exchange rate increasing until present. January 2021 recorded EUR/MYR price is RM4.89. As of 18th May 2021, EUR/MYR rate is RM5.02 which is the maximum price achieved in 2021. Overall, EUR/MYR increased 2.7% in 2021.

JPY/MYR Exchange Rates 2021

JPY/MYR exchange rate in 2021 decreases gradually, but the price changes is around 0.03%. Early of January 2021, rate of JPY/MYR is RM 0.039, which is the maximum price achieved in 2021. As of 18th May 2021, JPY/MYR rate is RM 0.0378.

Average Monthly Currency Index 2021

Price Index according to Price as at 4th Jan 2019

USD/MYR, CNY/MYR and EUR/MYR shows positive trend where the average monthly index increasing. However, JPY/MYR monthly index declines in the period. USD/EUR monthly index fluctuate trend over the time and increasing just only 0.6%.

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