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Cryptocurrency Report – May 2021

Period : Jan 2020 – May 2021

Date : 18th May 2021

Researcher : Umar Rosli

Bitcoin Price Rate

Bitcoin seen as one of the most important cryptocurrencies in the world. Bitcoin going through many ups and downs from 2020 until now. From early of 2020, one Bitcoin is equal to $7,194.89. As of 18th May 2021, Bitcoin price is $43,304.3. Bitcoin going up until 5 times the actual price. Bitcoin remain stable from January 2020 until Bitcoin started to have huge spike in October 2020 until reaches the highest price of all time, $63,523.75 per Bitcoin. In May 2021, Bitcoin rate slowly drop from $56,714.53 to the present price.


Ethereum shows positive trend as well as Bitcoin rate. Early of 2020, one Ethereum price equivalent to $129.63. Price remain stable until November 2020 where Ethereum price goes up and have huge rise of 24 times from 2020 until now. It has reached maximum price of $4,174.64 on Mid of May 2021. After that, Ethereum price goes down until $3,253.23 as of 18th May 2021.

XRP Ripple

XRP Ripple also shows positive trend even the rate per USD is quite low compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin. Starting from 2020, one XRP equivalent to $0.19 only. XRP remains constant at that price until November 2020 price goes up until $1.48 as of 18th May 2021. XRP have increase 67.9 times over the time. XRP also have reached maximum price which is $1.84 in Mid of April 2021.

Cryptocurrency Price Index

Price Index according to Price as at 4th Jan 2019

The cryptocurrency prices remain stable until they start blowing up from October 2020. At the end of December 2020, XRP Ripple decreased while Bitcoin and Ethereum price increased. In May 2021, most of cryptocurrency rates especially Bitcoin and Ethereum prices start dropping. Meanwhile, XRP Ripple price maintains.

Average Monthly Cryptocurrency Index

Price Index according to Price as at 4th Jan 2019

November 2020 onwards, Ethereum and Bitcoin increased rapidly. Meanwhile, XRP Ripple index increased gradually and then remained constant at that level. May 2021 shows Bitcoin starts to drop while Ethereum rapidly increases until 23.82 as of 18th May 2021. XRP Ripple index also increases.

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