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COVID Monthly Report - June

Period : June 2020 – June 2021

Date : 3rd June 2021

Researcher : Esther Low

Global total new COVID cases by month

Globally new COVID-19 cases have surpassed 180 million. In June number of new cases has dropped from 19.67 million in May to 11.47 million cases as more people are getting vaccinated. However the threat of the Delta variant, which is more easily transmissible and deadlier, remains as current vaccines seem to have varying degrees of efficacy against the variant.

Number of total new COVID cases by month for Malaysia

In June, Malaysia recorded a staggering 179,622 new COVID cases with an average of 5,900 cases daily. This is the highest cumulative number of cases in a month ever recorded in Malaysia as the country continues to fight for control over the spread. As of 1st June 2021, the Malaysian government has declared an FMCO or total lockdown but it has since been extended indefinitely. Malaysia has been in a lockdown since March 2020 with varying degrees of economic sectors operating, however with the indefinite FMCO extension and high number of cases, it is very unlikely that Malaysia would see its economic sectors reopening completely this year.

Total new COVID deaths by month for Malaysia

The month of June marked a sorrowful milestone as well for Malaysia as the cumulative number of COVID deaths hit record high at 2,309 deaths. This has brought the cumulative number of COVID deaths in Malaysia to 5,170.

Total vaccines administered by month globally

As of June, a total of 3.128 billion shots were administered globally. In countries and regions hit hardest by the pandemic such as the US, UK and most of Europe it is a race between vaccine and virus to prevent the spread of variants especially the Delta variant. In America, at least 60% of its population has received at least one dose of the vaccine while in the UK at least 48% has been vaccinated. However on a global view, vaccination rollouts is still progressing slowly only 20% of the global population of 7.7 billion people is vaccinated.

Total vaccines administered in June for Malaysia

Vaccination rollout in Malaysia hit record high with 5 million doses administered in the month of June. Malaysia has picked up the pace on its vaccination plans by opening more vaccination centers and begin its phase 3 of vaccinating healthy adults above 18 years old. Although the Malaysian government has announced Pfizer vaccinations for those above 12 years old, the government has since reconsidered the rollout due to concerning reports of high number of heart inflammation cases in that age group who received Pfizer jabs in other countries.

Total number of people fully vaccinated for Malaysia

As of 30th June the total number of people fully vaccinated in Malaysia is 2.3 million. Although it is still a long way from Malaysia’s target in achieving 80% of its population fully vaccinated (26 million people). Malaysia is now on Phase 3 of their vaccination rollout plan which is to vaccinate healthy adults above 18 years old.

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