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COVID Monthly Report - April 2021

Period : April 2020 – April 2021

Date : 8th May 2021

Researcher : Esther Low

Global total new COVID cases by month

April marked the most infectious month since the beginning of COVID as global total new cases reached 26 million. The biggest spike in cases came from India, the country began to experience a rise in cases towards the end of March before spiraling out of control in April.

Total new COVID cases by month for India

India averaged 230k new cases per day bringing the total caseload for April only at 6.9 million cases, the highest number of infected patients in the world. The country is now facing a crisis as healthcare professionals face shortages in beds, manpower, and crucial oxygen tanks to treat and keep patients alive.

Number of total new COVID cases by month for Malaysia

Although the number of new COVID cases stabilized in March, Malaysia begins experiencing another rise in COVID infections in mid-April bringing the nation’s cumulative total to 395,718, the third highest in the Southeast Asian region. Malaysia has declared another round of lockdown, MCO 3.0, as of 6th of May 2021 to curb the spread of the third wave.

As much of the international attention was focused on India’s harrowing situation, the month of April also marked a sad milestone for several Southeast Asian countries. Philippines reported a total of 290k infected cases pushing the total cases pass the 1 million mark. President Duterte’s administration imposed a second lockdown on the capital city, Manila, to curb the spread. Despite the lockdown imposed, the outbreak is showing little signs of slowing down.

Number of total new COVID deaths by month for Malaysia

As the number of infected cases increase again, the number of total COVID deaths for the month of April increased in tandem. As of end April, this has brought the total number of COVID related deaths to 1,506.

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